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A small Wellington web studio, just making websites and getting you online.

My aim is to build a web presence for you - let's stake out a place for you on the internet with a site that:

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19 June 2020

A straight-forward website

Sometimes I feel the time has really come for straight-forward, clean and simple websites that are easy to use and navigate. Built with ethical design principles in mind.

Simple ~ Accessible ~ Ethical

Be gone constant popups and ad bombardments every scroll, and lets not employ dark patterns (eg being tricked to click on an ad). It's also good practice to be wary of the over collection of every bit of data about our users and show responsible custodianship and careful good purposeful use of what data we do have access to.

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18 May 2020

A distributed workforce

The future of the way we work, learn and live may well change significantly as we more readily utilise technology and the online world to suit our needs.

For the first time this year, we had a great number of people working from different locations. Plentiful communicating and co-ordinating occurred via many different and often new methods, think Zoom or Webex meetings, online consultations, Slack or other messaging channels and the utilisiation of team workflow products. This was an amazing experiment in remote teams, collaboration and new ways to work and deliver a service on line.

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